Sync your cycle to the moon

Stardust is a new cycle tracker based on lunar - menstrual synchronicity

Its no coincidence that the length of your cycle exactly matches the waxing and waning of the moon. Stardust integrates science, astronomy and artificial intelligence to connect your hormonal cycle with the cycles of larger celestial bodies: the stars, planets, sun, and moon.

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Cycle Forecast


Apocalypse now. It's peak PMS. Swaddle yourself in the fleeciest of sweatpants. Eat the snackiest of snacks. On the plus side, your energy is up from yesterday.


Luteral Phase

You are on day 12 of the luteal phase and 92% of the way through your cycle. Known as “Inner Autumn,” this phase is about transition and winding down. The leaves are changing (metaphorically). Don't fight it; slow down and let it all wash over you.


Waxing Gibbous Moon

The waning cresent moon is historically known as the Balsamic moon. Why? Does it have anything to do with salads? Can you mix it with olive oil to form a scrumptious dressing? No? Ok.

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